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Welcome to the website of BRANZ Incorporated. This page describes the role of BRANZ Incorporated as the Incorporated Society of the BRANZ Group of businesses. If you have any enquiries about BRANZ Incorporated or the content of this website, please contact Richard Capie, General Manager, Research Investment.

About BRANZ Incorporated

BRANZ Incorporated is an investor in industry good research and knowledge transfer to the wider building and construction industry. It is the steward of the Building Research Levy and aims to ensure the industry gets the greatest benefit possible from the levy investment.

The 1969 Building Research Act sets out the primary legal framework around the activities of BRANZ Incorporated and its investment of Building Research Levy.

Building Research Advisory Council (BRAC)

The Building Research Advisory Council plays a vital role in ensuring BRANZ's accountability and responsiveness to the New Zealand building and construction industry.

The Council is made up of representatives from the building, engineering, architecture, contracting, and property management industries; central and local government; and the wider business sector. Industry bodies nominate most members of the Council.

The Council meets twice a year. It elects the BRANZ Board, advises on issues affecting the industry, and influences development of the Industry Research Strategy.


BRANZ Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of BRANZ Inc. It is an independent and impartial research, testing, consulting and information company providing services and resources for the building industry.

Its two main areas of activity are to carry out industry-good research and knowledge dissemination and to conduct consultancy services. BRANZ Ltd aims to apply BRANZ’s industry-leading expertise to produce actionable, accessible knowledge for the industry. It also aims to develop enduring relationships with its commercial clients to help them achieve benefits over the long term.

It conducts research and investigates the design and construction of buildings that impact the built environment in New Zealand. It also enables the dissemination of knowledge from the research community to practitioners in the building and construction industry.    

Its science and research is aimed at understanding how buildings work, and what needs to improve so that the industry can deliver better performing, better value buildings. Much of its work feeds into the Building Code and standards, or into changes in industry practice.

BRANZ Structure & Governance

BRACBuilding Research Advisory Council

19 representatives from 14 organisations



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Dr Helen Anderson
Dr Helen Anderson, Chair, was appointed Deputy Chair in 2011 during her first year on the Board. She is an independent director of several organisations and a former Chief Executive of the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology.
Richard Carver
Richard Carver has a background in business management and governance and is co-owner of Jennian Homes and Construction Marketing Services. He joined the BRANZ Board in 2013.
Kevin Stanley
Kevin Stanley has more than 25 years' experience in the construction industry and is current Managing Director of Stanley Group. He joined the BRANZ Board in 2012.
Pamela Bell
Pamela Bell joined the BRANZ Board in October 2017. She is Chief Executive of the design and construction industry organisation PrefabNZ Incorporated.
Lesley Haines
Lesley Haines is a former Deputy Chief Executive of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment with an extensive public sector and client focus background. Lesley is also currently a Board Member at IPANZ.
Stephen Titter
Stephen Titter combines many years of practical financial and investment experience. Formerly a senior partner and Board member for Ernst & Young, he currently holds a number of independent Directorships including the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.
Alan Bickers
Alan Bickers comes to BRANZ with substantial experience in the management and governance of construction industry and local government organisations. He was the formative Chair of the Building Practitioners Board and has served on the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board along with being a member of the Standards Council.



  • Fire
  • Structures
  • Material Performance
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Code and Standards Research
  • Economics
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Innovation CIL, Homestar, STIC

Investment of Building Research Levy

BRANZ Inc invests Building Research Levy in a wide range of initiatives, developing innovative solutions and supporting the education and development of the building profession. These in turn help the building industry deliver better buildings for New Zealanders.

This publication, Levy in Action, shows how BRANZ Inc is investing the Building Research Levy in 2018/2019

Annual Review

Under the 1969 Act BRANZ Incorporated reports to the Minister of Science and Innovation on an annual basis about its activities. This includes the activities of all BRANZ Group and its subsidiaries including BRANZ Ltd.

Download 2018 Annual Review

The BRANZ Inc Board

BRANZ Inc is overseen by a board of up to eight people with significant building and construction, science and business expertise. The Board members of BRANZ Inc are also the Board members of BRANZ Ltd but have clearly delineated responsibilities and the Board meetings are held separately. 

Master Services Agreement

Important details about relationships within the BRANZ Group are set out in a Master Services Agreement between BRANZ Inc and BRANZ Ltd.

Accessing BRANZ Inc Research & Information

Research and information funded by BRANZ Inc can be found on the www.branz.co.nz website which is maintained as a single access point for industry and stakeholders.